2014~2015新学年注册将于2014年5月15日开始,注册通知点击以下链接。The new school year 2014~2015 registration starts on 5/15/2014. Please click following link for the details: 注册通知/Registration Announcement

下学年注册九年级和十年级的同学们,请紧急关注此重要通知。For students who will register for next year’s 9th grade and 10th grade classes, please pay close attention to this urgent important registration notice. Please click following link for the details: 重要通知/Important Notice

第三節文化課新課簡介 – New 3rd Period Cultural Class Introduction: 民謠說唱/Fun with Chinese Folk Music

新學年 2014-2015 的第一天為2014年8月23日,最後一天為2015年6月6日。For the coming new school year 2014-2015, the first day of school is 8/23/2014, and the last day of school is 6/6/2015.

Please click following link to register: Registration

TOCS Registration and Refund Policy
入學標準Admission Policy 千橡中文學校歡迎在2010年12月以前出生 (滿四歲)、未滿十八歲的學生來報名。如有需要,可經由學力測驗來決定合適的就讀年級。 TOCS accepts K-12 students who are interested in learning Chinese and were born before December 2010. The student may be asked to take a standardized test given by the school to determine the appropriate grade level.
註冊費 Registration 不退費;每個學生$20 Non refundable; $20 per student
學費(全學年)Tuition –entire school year
  1. 每位學生$430。
  2. 六月十五日以前註冊可享$15折扣。
  3. 同一家庭第三位學生之後每位學生可享有$20學費折扣。
  1. $430 per student.
  2. A $15 discount is given if registered prior to 6/15/2014.
  3. Three or more students from the same family get $20 tuition discount per student from the 3rd child and up.
書費 Textbook Fee 開學後不退費
(Non refundable
after school starts)
  1. 學前班:$15 (材料費)
  2. 幼稚園至九年級:$20。
  3. 十年級:另繳。
  1. Pre-school: $15. (Material Fee)
  2. Kindergarten– 9th grades: $20.
  3. 10th grade: TBD by teacher.
家長會會費PVA 每個學生$15,每個家庭不超過$30 $15 per student,
$30 maximum per family
康谷華協會費CCCA 每個家庭$20 $20 per family
退費標準(學費、CCCA、PVA會費)Refund Policy (tuition, CCCA & PVA fees) 100%9/20/14以前
100%Before 9/20/14
75%Before 10/25/14
50%Before 11/15/14
25%Before 1/17/15
No refund after 1/17/15.
办理退学手续 请发邮件到 Withdraw student, email to
晚入學新生學費Late Enrollment Tuition 晚入學新生,按以下比例收費:
Tuition is prorated as follows for new students who enroll after school starts:
75%10/25/14~12/20/14 50%12/21/14~1/31/15
No registration accepted after 1/31/15*.
其他Others 註冊時,必須填妥訴訟放棄權(Waiver)及健康保險資料,否則不予入學。 Waiver document and health insurance information are required as part of the registration. They should be completed and returned to TOCS before a student can be admitted.