New Program: 实用中文-Everyday Chinese


千橡中文学校将于2019-2020 学年开始对非华語背景学生的双语教学做出全新整合,班级改名为实用中文班,教材以生活实用内容为主轴,招生学生对象为:年满5岁及以上之非华语家庭,且已熟悉英文字母和拼读。

“Everyday Chinese” Introduction

TOCS will be offering a new bilingual program for the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year.  The new program will be entitled “Everyday Chinese” and will provide the students at a young age (5+) with the ability to acquire the basic skills of speaking, listening, reading, simple writing and communication in both English and Mandarin.  No previous Chinese experience is required.  Parents do not need to know the language in order for the students to participate.  Students must have a basic phonics foundation and know their alphabet.  The program includes three levels.  A certificate will be given to the student after finishing all three levels and then they can continue to the First Grade of regular Chinese, or to the Second Grade if they pass the placement test.

2019-4-7 南加成語比賽 千橡學子再創佳績!

2019.4.7 南加成語比賽千橡學子再創佳績,感謝培訓郭秀嬌老師和帶隊的李寶茵行政
初級組:第二名 – 陳巧琳;第三名 – 陳怡安;第五名 – 江颖冯
中級組:第一名 – 陳凱廷;第四名 – 邢博瑞;優勝獎 – 蔡欣宜

Chinese New Year Celebration on Feb. 23, 2019 at 7:00pm, Tickets on Sale

Dear All,

康谷人文化会猪年新春晚会将于二 月二十三日周六晚七时在Fred Kavli Theatre 正式与大家面!华协诚恳地邀您加入我康谷人大家庭一年一度的农历新年祝活 
票价有 $39,$34, $29, $24 四种会特提供九元的会员优惠,折扣截止二月二十二日。一起迎接和祝二零一九猪年新春!
2019 春晚工作小组
The Year of the Boar is approaching quickly and all the preparation work and rehearsals are already underway. This annual celebration event is set to kick off on February 23rd at 7:00PM at Fred Kavli Theatre. You are cordially invited to join the CCCA family in celebrating the Year of the Boar. 
Tickets are on sale at special discount rates for CCCA members, Chinese School families and staff. Discount will be ended on February 22nd. 
2019 CNYP Executive Committee

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