T.O. Chinese School Annual Fire Drill 2012-2013

Please be notified that our annual Fire Drill will be conducted this Sat (9/15) during first period.
Start time of the drill will be at 9:55AM and completion is expected by 10:15AM.
Please view the Fire Drill Flyer (Flyer_Fire_Drill_2012-2013) for more info. A copy of flyer plus head count form for each class will be provided to teacher during sign in at office.
Teacher please call and mark names of attending students on provided Fire Drill Form at beginning of the class. During fire drill, please lead your class via assigned evacuation route to basketball court. At the basketball court, please check to make sure all marked students are present. Your class will be allowed to go back to classroom and resume normal class schedule after Fire Drill form is signed and turned in to event coordinators. 
If there are any questions, please feel free to email Yisong (yisong@us.ibm.com) or Weiheng (weihengc@gmail.com).

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