AP & SATII Scholarship Announcement

AP 和 SAT II 獎學金
為鼓勵同學們繼續學習中文,提高中文水平,千橡中文學校及 PVA 家長會特設置 AP 中文成績優良獎學金和 SATII 中文成績優良獎學金。申請者需填寫申請表並提交 AP 或 SATII 考試成績單,考試時須為當年中文學校在校或畢業生。學校將根據申請人數和考試成績決定獲獎學生名單。詳見以下申請規則。

AP 和 SAT II 奖学金
为鼓励同学们继续学习中文,提高中文水平,千橡中文学校及 PVA 家長會特设置 AP 中文成绩优良奖学金和 SATII 中文成绩优良奖学金。申请者需填写申请表并提交 AP 或 SATII 考试成绩单,考试时须为当年中文学校在校或毕业生。学校将根据申请人数和考试成绩决定获奖学生名单。详见以下申请规则。

中文 AP & SATII 獎金申請規則

1. 申請者需在千橡中文學校就讀至少五年
2. AP 成績須達五級分; SATII 成績須達 700 分以上
3. 申請年限以報考前一年為主(例如:2014 年可申請 2013 年報考)
4. 申請者需出席千橡中文學校六月三日期末典禮不可由他人代領獎金, 未出席者則視同放棄
5. 申請者需填寫申請表格並繳交成績至學校教務處或是 Email: tinayu88@yahoo.com ;申請期限為MAY 30,2017
*All application forms can be downloaded from www.to-cs.org

School Announcement:
AP & SAT II Awards
In order to encourage students to continue learning Chinese and to improve the level of achievement in Chinese, TOCS &PVA will be presenting qualified students with an excellence in achievement award for their accomplishments on their AP Chinese or SAT-II Chinese exam. In order to be considered for this award, applicants will need to fill out the application form and submit their AP or SAT II exam scores. In addition, applicants must either be a current student or a current graduate of TOCS student. TOCS will determine the award winners based on the number of applications and test scores submitted. Please check details for the application rules.

Chinese AP&SATII Scholarship Application Rules

1.The applicant must be current Thousand Oaks Chinese School (TOCS) student or graduate of last year (2013). And he/she has enrolled in TOCS for at least 5 years.
2. AP scored five; SATII scores of 700 or better
3. Only the test taken within recent one year is eligible for the application, i.e. AP test taken in 2013, or SATII test taken in 2013.
4. Scholarship recipient must attend TOCS graduation ceremony on 6/3/2017 to receive the scholarship.
5. The completed application form along with the score report should be submitted to TOCS school office or email to: tinayu88@Yahoo.com by 5/30/2017.
*Application forms can be downloaded from www.to-cs.org