1. Registration resume on Aug.1st

2. For registered family only, textbook pickup:
Where: 1489 E Thousand Oaks Blvd Unit 3
康谷華協 文化中心
Textbook Pick Up Schedule:
Sunday, 8/16

  • 10am-12pm Grade 1-4th
  • 1pm-3pm Grade 5-8th, Prek, k, EC1, EC2, EC3

Thursday, 8/20

  • pickup make-up date : 4pm-6pm

Reopen Survey Result and Start of School Year Plan

Dear TOCS Families,

I hope this email finds you well and you enjoy a restful, safe summer vacation.
During these challenging times, the safety and wellbeing of our students, staff,
and community come first. With the recent surge of COVID-19 cases in Ventura
County, most local school districts have decided to begin the 2020-2021 school
year in a distance learning format. Last week, TOCS also conducted a survey to
collect feedback from our parents on reopen school evaluation. We received
valid responses from 124 families, and over 76% of the family preferred the
on-line distance learning model.

In order for a full protection of our faculties and students, TOCS has decided
to begin the coming school year with distance learning and start school as
planned on August 22nd.

Interactive online instruction: for language class only
Schedule: Saturday 9:15am-10:15am/ 10 minutes break/ 10:25am-11:25am
Tool : Teachers will use Google Meet for online instruction and
communication with students.
Registration will resume on 8/1. Registration | 千橡中文学校

Possible Tuition Discount:
School will calculate unused rental fees and issue tuition discount payment at
the end of the school year.

We will continue monitoring the public health situation and assess a timeline
for a safe return to on-campus instruction for our students and staff. Regular
updates will be sent out through emails and posted on school website
Thousand Oaks Chinese School: 千橡中文学校. Please check your email and
our school website frequently.
Thank you all for your continuous support and understanding. Let us keep
staying positive, taking care of one another, and following health & safety
guidelines to protect yourself and others.


Registration system will be shut down during TOCS summer vacation period from 7/1 to 7/31.

Regular registration resumes on 8/1. The regular tuition ($535 per student per school year) will be charged from August 1, 2020 and on. For more information please refer to: FAQ | 千橡中文学校

For 2020-2021 School Year:

The Chinese School will start on 8/22 as scheduled.  Since Chinese school utilizes Thousand Oaks High School campus, we will closely monitor and comply with CVUSD’s Health & Social Distancing Guidance for the back-to-school model.  The school has plans for both in-class and remote learning scenarios to provide all students a safe and efficient learning experience.  Please check the Chinese school website for the latest announcement.  In the event that the Thousand Oaks High School campus is closed for part of or all school year, the Chinese school will refund the unused portion of the rental fee to students.  The refund amount will be determined and processed at the end of the school year.

2020-2021學年註冊通知 / Registration Announcement for School Year 2020 – 2021



  • 如果你已擁有一個帳號,請直接進入註冊地址https://www.to-cs.org/chineseschool/signin註冊。如果你對自己的帳號不確定,請試著查找用戶名,注意大小寫字母有區別,或重新設置密碼,或聯繫engineering@to-cs.org
  • 如果你的孩子是中文學校註冊過的學生,但因各種原因你還未建立一個帳號,請聯繫engineering@to-cs.org,IT專家將會為你新建立的帳號和你已保存在系統中的家庭和學生數據提供可靠的連結。
  • 如果你從來沒有在中文學校註冊過,請進入註冊地址https://www.to-cs.org/chineseschool/signin ,選擇新家庭,建立新帳號,輸入正確的家庭和學生數據,然後註冊。
  • 注意事項:請勿建立多個帳號,你有可能對自己的現有數據造成破壞。請自我維護準確的家庭和學生信息。
  • 如果你在五月十五日至六月三十日期間註冊,每位學生將得到五十美元優惠,全年學費為四百八十五美元。
  • 七月一日到七月三十一日,中文學校暑假休假。註冊暫停。
  • 每位註冊學生的班級分配方案將於下學年開學前一天公佈。
    有關註冊事宜,請聯繫 registration@to-cs.org

~ 千橡中文學校註冊組

Registration Announcement for School Year 2020– 2021

Thousand Oaks Chinese School online registration for year 2020-2021 will be available on 5/15/2020.  The first day of the next school year will be 8/22/2020 and the last day of the school year will be 6/5/2021.

  • If you already have an account, please go to https://www.to-cs.org/chineseschool/signin to start registration.  If you are not sure about your account, please try to find out by clicking “Forgot username? Try to find username here”, “Forgot password? Request password reset here” or contact engineering@to-cs.org.
  • If you registered your child(ren) at TOCS previously, and have not created an account yet, please contact engineering@to-cs.org with your information to obtain invitation to link to your existing data.
  • If you are completely new to TOCS, please go to https://www.to-cs.org/chineseschool/signin, click “New to Thousand Oaks Chinese School? Register here” to create your new account, follow the instructions to input family and student information, and start your registration.
  • IMPORTANT: DO NOT create multiple accounts — you may mess up your existing data.  KEEP your family and student information updated if any information changed.
  • You will receive $50 tuition discount if you register during pre-registration period: 5/15 – 6/30, tuition fee: $485.00
  • Registration system will be shut down during TOCS summer vacation period from 7/1 to 7/31
  • Regular registration starts from 8/1 tuition fee: $535.00
  • Classroom will not be assigned until the day before the school starts
  • For registration help, please contact registration@to-cs.org.

~ TOCS Registration Team