School Updates

  • 網課的肖像保護準則已更新在學校網站上的學生手冊P.4,請去閲讀。
    The photographic/video protection guidelines for the online classes have been updated in the student handbook. It is on page 4 of the handbook, in the following link:
  • 關於下學期是否會回校園或是繼續網課,學校將會評估當時的狀況和學區的規定來做決定,學校將在上學期結束前(12/19)與家長們更新,請家長們隨時關注學校email或是網站上的訊息 。
    Regarding whether to return to campus or continue online classes in the next semester, the school will assess the current situation and school district regulations to make a final decision. The school will update with parents before the end of this semester (12/19). Please pay attention to school emails or updates on the school website (