1. 請問如何註冊?How can I register for classes?

A: 請上學校註冊網站登記註冊

Please register online: https://www.to-cs.org/chineseschool/signin/register

2. 為什麼我無法登錄註冊網站?Why can’t I log into the registration site?

A: username或是password 錯誤,請注意字母有大小寫區別,如忘記用戶名或密碼,請至以下鏈接要求重設:

You might have typed the wrong username or password; please note the letters are case-sensitive. If you forget your username or password, please click on the links below to retrieve your username or reset your password:



若還是不能login,請 email IT department :engineering@to-cs.org

If you still cannot login, please email IT department: engineering@to-cs.org

3. 我不知道該選中文簡體、繁體,還是雙語?I don’t know whether to choose Chinese simplified, traditional, or bilingual?

A: 本校採用拼音,並有繁體字及簡體字兩種字體可選。家長/學生可以選擇自己喜歡的字體。雙語班教學則是中文和英文並用。學前班沒有繁簡體之分。

The school uses Pinyin (phonetic symbols) for traditional and simplified Chinese characters. Parents/students can choose either the traditional or simplified characters. The instructor uses both Chinese and English for the bilingual class instructions. PreK has no traditional or simplified character options.

4. 孩子是怎樣被分班的?How are children placed in classes?

A: 本校採用電腦分班且盡量男女比例一致。

The school uses computer for random placement and ensure gender balance.

5. 我的孩子能力很強,可以跳級嗎?如何跳級?My child is very capable and can he/she jump grade? How to jump?

A: 本校接受1年級以上學生跳級。每學年上學期的前三週為跳級考試,通過考試後會交由電腦選擇班級。

The school accepts grade 1 or above students’s petition for jumping grade in the first three weeks of each school year. The student will be given an entrance test for the grade he/she petitions for. After passing the test, the proper class will be assigned by the computer.

6. 我的孩子跟不上,可以降級嗎?如何降級?My child cannot keep up, can he/she move to a lower grade? How to move to a lower grade?

A: 可以降級或是原班續讀,請到學校辦公室填寫轉班資料。

Your child can move to a lower grade or repeat the same grade. Please go to school office and fill out the class transfer form.

7. 有兩個簡體班,我可以選班級嗎?There are two simplified classes, can I choose a class I prefer?

A: 不能選班級! 特殊情況請到學校辦公室填寫special request form,學校將依個案開會討論。

Generally, choosing a preferred class is not permissible. For special circumstances, please go to the school office to fill out the special request form, the school will discuss according to the case.

8. 可以換第三節課嗎?怎麼換?Can I switch my child’s 3rd period class? How to switch? 
學校9月30日前接受第三節選修課換課,請寄電子郵件給註冊組,標題「Request: Elective Class Change」,請註明學生中、英文姓名,換到哪一個班,請注意如果不符合選修課的年齡條件學校不予受理。每個學生最多只能換兩次課。學校開學後開始處理換課申請。如果班級還有名額,以電子郵件先來先得的原則處理。

School accepts 3rd period elective class change requests before 9/30. Please send an email to the registration group with the title “Request: Elective Class Change”. Please include the student’s Chinese, English name and which class to switch. If the student does not meet the age requirement of the elective class, the request cannot be processed. Each student can switch classes up to two times. The requests will be processed the first week after school starts on a first come first serve basis (of the emails) and subject to class space availability.

9. 怎樣退學?How to withdraw?

A: 如需退學,請登錄註冊網站,您會看到【Withdraw For ####-#### School Year】按鍵,點擊鏈接,按要求提交退學申請,,系統會依規定計算需退的費用,學校將以此辦理退費手續。

If you need to withdraw your child from the class, please log into your registration account, you shall see 【Withdraw For ####-#### School Year】button, click it and follow the instruction to submit withdraw request, the system will calculate the refund according to the registration and refund policy. The school will follow up and process the refund request.

10. PVA會費是做什麼用的? What is the PVA membership fee for?

A: 家長會通過中文學校向每位學生收取$15,每個家庭不超過$30會費。 家長會會費將用於支付以下活動所需的部分費用: 學生voucher reward,運動會餐費,新年紅包,圖書館茶水站,SAT獎學金及其他一些專案。

PVA charges $15 per student, $30 maximum per family through school. PVA membership fee will be used to cover part of the cost of the following activities: student voucher reward, annual Track&Field event meal, Chinese New Year red envelope, library tea station, SAT scholarship and other projects.

11. CCCA 會費是什麼?提供什麼服務?What is the CCCA membership fee? What services are offered? 

A: 繳納康谷華協(CCCA)的會員費(每個家庭)方有資格在千橡中文學校(TOCS)註冊語言文化課程。 CCCA會員享有但不限於以下特權:

  • 註冊TOCS語言和文化課程的資格。
  • 有資格投票給CCCA董事會成員。
  • 享有所有CCCA活動的折扣價,如文化日,電影之夜,露營和各種主題的社區課程。
  • 請上CCCA網站了解更多的會員福利和活動詳情:http://www.ccca-tocs.org

The membership fee (per family) at Conejo Chinese Cultural Association (CCCA) is required for the eligibility to register for language classes at Thousand Oaks Chinese School (TOCS). Benefits of CCCA Membership include, but not limited to, the following privileges:

  • Eligibility for registering for TOCS language and culture classes.
  • Eligible to vote for CCCA board members.
  • Discounted rates for attending all CCCA activities such as Cultural Day, Movie Night, Camping, and community classes on various topics.
  • Please see more details of benefits and activities on CCCA website: http://www.ccca-tocs.org

12. 中文學校與CVUSD 學區的租賃費用

A: 因為有家長詢問到中文學校與學區的租賃費用問題, 學校在此簡單說明一下歷年來我們與學區的租金一覽表. 學校行政人員一直與學區保持良好關係並盡全力與學區溝通, 希望在這樣樣漲的聲浪中還能維持租金一定. 希望家長們能和學校一起努力維持良好的租賃關係.
Below information is provided by CVUSD District Operational Center
Please find below the information you requested.
Amounts if charged by the current fee schedule:
Utilities: $86,831 (35 Classrooms, MPR, and PAC)
Custodian: $19,278
Facilities: $2,680 (Tennis Courts, Stadium, and PAC – when applicable)
Total: $108,789

Total Payments:

School Year Amount Paid
2014-15 $58,253.46
2015-16 $59,626.07
2016-17 $59,268.79
2017-18 $70,893.50
2018-19 $70,000.00
2019-20 $70,000.00